A Nationally Recognized SPE Service Provider

SPE Independent Director, LLC is a nationally recognized professional service company providing SPE services to borrowers of all sizes since 2002. We offer independent directorsindependent managers and independent trustees nationwide and offer registered agent services in North Carolina and Georgia.  We also offer special member services through our affiliated company - Special Member, LLC.

Our competitive costs, exceptional response time and highly qualified independent directors, independent managers and independent trustees make us the preferred choice for your transaction, especially if rating agency approval is required.  

Let us provide your independent director, independent manager, independent trustee, special springing member or registered agent services, so you can focus on getting your commercial mortgage loan closed and returning to the business of operating your asset.  

Ask us about our low fees - 704.935.5372

SPE ID provides a range of services to meet your needs. We offer affordable, responsive and qualified independent directorsindependent managers and independent trustees for single purpose, bankruptcy remote borrower entities. We also provide nationwide special springing member services and registered agents in Georgia and North Carolina.


We offer our independent director, independent manager, independent trusteespecial springing member or registered agent services for a low yearly fixed fee and do not require D&O insurance.  We extend discounted fees to repeat customers and for multiple engagements in a single transaction. We understand the realities of our services and price our independent persons, special springing members and registered agents accordingly.


We understand that independent directorsindependent managers and independent trustees are a lender imposed requirement and strive to make the process as painless as possible for our customers and their legal counsel.  In this regard, we utilize short service agreements.  We will never be a source of anxiety or delay in a loan closing and pride ourselves on our ability to respond to a customer’s request within minutes.


We have been in business since 2002 and are owned and operated by legal professionals familiar with SPE .  We have provided our independent director, independent manager, independent trustee services in connection with hundreds of loan transactions nationwide, including those reviewed by rating agencies.  We employ a panel of highly qualified individuals who serve as independent managersindependent directors and independent trustees.  Our repeat customers include large REITs, companies that structure TIC transactions, and property owners and investors of all sizes in the United States and Canada.

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